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WTFD Radio Communications

Washington Township Fire has moved to the Morris County UHF-T digital trunked radio system. Equipment obtained via an Assistance to Firefighters Grant allowed for the purchase of the mobile and portable radios at no direct cost to the Washington Township taxpayer. These radios are compatible with upcoming federal regulations and provide for improved interoperability via the Morris County Interoperable Radio System (MIRS) channels for mutual aid communication throughout the County and Northern NJ region.

The radio configuration follows the Morris County channel plan utilizing multiple regional fire response talkgroups as well as local fireground channels. In addition, local channels are included such as:

CONTROL-1 (local response repeater)
CONTROL-2 (local backup channel/repeater)
WT Fireground Interior operations
WT Fireground Exterior operations
Heath Village Security
Hunterdon County Tactical - receive
Hunterdon County Fire 1 - receive
Hunterdon County Fire 2 - receive
Washington Twp. Road Dept.
Chester Fire local
...and MIRS & the NJICS UTAC channels for statewide interoperability

The individual apparatus are numbered according to the Morris County NIMS plan which is shown in the example below. Fire radio operations utilize "Plain Language" for compliance with the National Incident Management System. Station dispatch can be heard on frequency 476.2875 MHz.  Click here to hear a sample paging tone.

Apparatus identification

Town for mutual aid     Apparatus Type     Company #      Vehicle #

Washington Township


1, 2 or 3

1, 2, etc.

     Chief/Officers   Chief, A/C, etc.

For example, the Schooleys Mountain ladder truck is Schooleys-Quint 3-9, the Fairmount Tender is Fairmount-Tender 2-7, the Long Valley Cascade unit is LV-Cascade 1-3, etc.

Most of the Township apparatus also have legacy High Band VHF radios for backup and mutual aid, and low band radios for mutual aid to Hunterdon and Warren Counties. Many SMFPA members also operate conventional UHF radios for response coordination and non-emergency communications.

Radio Communication History

The Washington Township Fire Department was formerly served by the West Morris Communications Network (WMCN) which was established in 1969 with a New Jersey State SLEPA grant, and originally provided regional dispatching for Washington Township, Mansfield Township and seven Hunterdon County towns (Lebanon, Tewksbury, Clinton Borough and Township, Readington, Califon, and High Bridge). In 1975 with the inception of the Hunterdon County 911 system, the seven Hunterdon towns left the system, and with the closing of the old Morris County Police Radio system, Chester Borough and Township joined it. In 1980, the system underwent a major improvement project consisting of a complete overhaul in technical design and equipment replacement. The beginning of 1984 saw the addition of Independence Township's emergency services to the system.

On September 15, 1992, 9-1-1 service became operational for the Morris County municipalities. Beginning in 1997, Warren County began 9-1-1 service and those towns left the system. In 1998, with the move to a new headquarters, the system once again underwent a major redesign and improvement process, utilizing computer aided dispatch and equipping police cars with mobile data terminals (MDT).

In 2009, the Chesters & Mendhams moved to Morris County dispatch and the Washington Township Police Department continued to provide emergency services 9-1-1 call taking and dispatch for only Washington Township. Medical 9-1-1 calls were handled by CENCOM. Beginning September 2011, WMCN/WTPD closed and operations were moved to Morris County. The dispatch center is identified as "COUNTY" on all channels, and Firefighters are dispatched via voice alert and text pagers. Response and operational communications utilize narrowband digital UHF talkgroups/frequencies. The three Washington Township Fire Companies are designated as "Company 1" or "Long Valley" (Formerly Station 36), "Company 2" or "Fairmount" (Formerly Station 34), and "Company 3" or "Schooley's Mountain" (Formerly Station 35). All apparatus are equipped with Motorola XTL programmable mobile radios and XTS series portables.

For more information about the communications system, please contact us directly.


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