Morris County Decontamination Exercise (September 14, 2004) 

Schooleys Mountain firefighters will be featured in a Discovery Channel special highlighting emergency preparedness in Morris County. The program will depict the steps that County emergency agencies will take in the event of a radiological or biological incident.

In this scenario, victims were exposed to a radiological incident and were required to go through a gross and definitive decontamination procedure. SMFPA firefighters were recruited to portray the victims in the incident. 

The first step, gross decon, involves flushing the victims with massive amounts of water. The definitive decon step requires victims to go through a decontamination shelter, where their clothes are removed and showers are used to remove any residual contamination.

The program, "Are You Safe" is scheduled to air October 24 on the Discovery Channel. Check local listings for time.

This photo shows apparatus placement for the gross decon step. Nozzles attached to numerous discharges provide a thorough deluge.


Here, the water flow has begun.

The SMFPA team. (L-R, A/C Heimburg, FF Lobato, FF Fitzpatrick, FF B. Ogden, Lt. Pierce

Outside the gross and definitive decon areas.

Participants are briefed on the procedure while County OEM Deputy Coordinator DeGirolomo explains it for the camera.

Lt. Pierce & Firefighter Ogden prepare to enter the gross decon area.

Lt. Pierce entering the gross decon area.

Lt. Pierce as he exits from gross decon and is checked for radiation.

Firefighter Ogden as she emerges from gross decon.

Firefighters Lobato & Fitzpatrick emerge from gross decon. For the exercise, they were determined to still have high levels of radiation and were required to go through definitive decon.

Firefighter Lobato exits from definitive decon and is checked again for radiation levels.

Many thanks to our SMFPA "victims", Morris County Fire Coordinator Jack Alderton and Morris County OEM for their assistance and participation.