Firefighters train at airport (November 3, 2007)


Schooley's Mountain firefighters recently had the opportunity to drill on an aircraft simulator at Morristown Municipal Airport. Thanks to Airport Fire Chief Doug Reighard, SMFPA was able to train on fires involving fuel spills and aircraft as part of a Tri-Annual exercise at the airport. Schooley's Mountain also provided the Rapid Intervention Team safety crew for the exercise.

The exercise scenario involved the simulator as a Dornier jet, carrying 32 passengers and three crew members, that hit a flock of birds just after take-off, causing an engine to break apart. The pilot attempts an emergency landing, striking a Piper Cherokee that had just landed and was taxiing down the runway.

The drill was a test of the efficiency of responding fire and rescue units, of the airport's emergency plan and unified command structure, and a test to minimize the number and extent of personal injury during such an emergency. The drill was designed to simulate 20 to 30 casualties.

The actual plane-on-fire simulator was supplied by the West Virginia University Fire Service Extension.

SMFPA members participating were Chief Keith Heimburg, Assistant Chief Bob Carey, Lieutenant Al Pierce, Firefighters Mike Cecere, Will Glennon, Dean Harrington, Farid Moeman, Kurt Wanner, Rick Welch, Ryan Welch.

Photos below by Brett Dzadik unless otherwise noted.

Engine 3-1 sets up for attacking the simulated fuel spill fire.
Firefighters being briefed by Chief Reighard and Chief Taylor (MFB).
Schooley's Mountain Crews attacking the fire.
Fire in the fuselage.
Airport crash truck attacking fire.
Ryan Welch Photo
Former New Milford Co. 2 members.

Brett Dzadik, Chief Reighard, ARFF Jeff Sherman, Chief Heimburg
SMFPA "member" Rescue Randy, did not fare well.


From the Daily Record, SMFPA with Roxbury Truck 1

Many thanks to Chief Reighard for the opportunity and to Brett Dzadik for his photographs.

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