Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute - August,  2004 

Firefighters tested their breathing air pack abilities under stressful situations, as encountered in real fires. A maze at the fire academy included confined spaces, obstructions, breaching walls, climbing and descending stairs, and disorientation, all with zero visibility and limited air supply. 

Firefighters Fitzpatrick, Labato, Moeman, Ogden, Slack, Wightman, and Captain Sobieski and Assistant Chief Heimburg all successfully traversed the course. In addition, several live burn scenarios were practiced during the day.

Other Bergen County Academy Drills

Photos of the state-of-the-art Life Safety Complex

SM Fire members trained with New Milford Fire Co. 2 in the Flashover simulator shown below

Firefighters also maneuvered their way through the mask confidence maze. One member navigates his way through a mass of wires shown above.