Fire Prevention Week 2002 - Kossman School

Firefighters from Schooleys Mountain visit the Kossman school each year to teach Kindergarten and First Grade students the importance of fire safety and fire prevention. While they may have been most interested in the fire apparatus and equipment, there were many other important lessons taught. We hope residents take the time to review these important lessons now and in the future, as fire safety is a year-round lesson.
• Don’t play with fire or hot objects
• How to call 9-1-1 in an emergency
• Stop, Drop and Roll if your clothes catch fire
• Know Two Ways Out and have a common meeting place
• Crawl low in smoke and heat
• Use, understand and test smoke detectors

The children were given the opportunity to try on firefighter gear, but most often wanted to see their teachers try it too. Following are some of the highlights of the visit:


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