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Drills and Training

Following are pictures and links to descriptions of some of the extensive training the Schooley's Mountain firefighters participate in.

April 2016 - Schooley's Mountain firefighters participated with other units from Morris County Region 4 in a live burn drill at the Morris County Fire Academy. Other companies working were from Chester, Randolph, Budd Lake, Mount Arlington, Brookside, and Netcong. Click on the photo below for more from Chief Kevin Maloney (BLFD).

June 2013 - Neptune returns to the George Washington Bridge.

See Brett Dzadik's photos here

October 2012 - Hackettstown Aerial Drill

October 2012 - Neptune Pumping System drill in Budd Lake

June 2012 - Schooley's Mountain firefighters participated in an exercise with the region 4 decon task force for a simulation involving a bio-hazard event where U.S. Army units are affected. Three Blackhawk helicopters were impacted and had to be decontaminated along with their crews. Click on the photo below for more by Chief Kevin Maloney from Budd Lake F.D.

May 2012 - Schooley's Mountain firefighters participate in the Morris County Region 4 training at the County Fire academy. Click on the photo below for pictures by Firefighter Elsasser.

See additional photos by Kevin Maloney by clicking here

April 2012 - Area firefighters participated in a drafting and water tender exercise in Budd Lake. Click on the photo below for more from Kevin Maloney.

March 2011 - Morris County Region 4 units participated with numerous other UASI fire and EMS units for a decontamination exercise at the new Meadowlands stadium.

Click here for photos by Brett Dzadik

Click here for photos by Bob Carey

Click here for photos by Kevin Maloney

October 2010 - The fall region 4 drill at the Morris County Fire Academy included drills on gross decontamination and the use of Class B foams for flammable liquid firefighting. Members of Schooley's Mountain, Fairmount, Netcong, Flanders, Budd Lake and Mount Arlington participated. Click on the photo for more pictures.

Click Here for photos and story by Budd Lake Chief Kevin Maloney

April 2010 - Washington Township Firefighters drilled with other departments from Morris County region 4 including Mount Olive, Randolph, and the Mendhams, on Rapid Intervention techniques and foam lines at the County Public Safety Training Academy.

Click here for more info & photos.

November 2009 - Vacant house drill

September 2009 - Morris County Academy drill

May 2009 - Water shuttle drill, Mount Olive

May 2009 - The Department drilled on a house to be torn down on East Avenue. This opportunity allowed the firefighters to work in an unfamiliar environment, in smoke conditions, while performing actual firefighting techniques such as hose advancement and ventilation.

April 2008 - Members of the Schooley's Mountain Rope Rescue team attended specialized training conducted by Progressive Rescue. The April 18 training included methods and techniques for moving rescuers and injured parties up and down steep slopes. Members attending were Team Captain Al Pierce, Firefighters Dave Cooke, Tom Derasmi, Keith Heimburg, Kurt Wanner and technical rescuers Mary Ellen Pierce, Bob Summers and Laura Hanrahan. Click on the photo below for a slideshow taken by Captain Pierce.

November 2007 - Firefighters attended training and an exercise at Morristown Municipal Airport. Click on the photo for more.

November 2007 - Neptune pumping system drill, Bernardsville
Click here for an article at 1st Responder News

April 2007 - Neptune pumping system drill, George Washington Bridge, Fort Lee

August 2006 - Hunterdon County Academy bail-out drill

August 2006 - Neptune pumping system drill, Phillipsburg

December 2005 - Texas A&M Flammable liquids firefighting

June 2005 - Vacant house drill, Mansfield Township

May 2005 - Morris County Academy flammable spill training

October 2004 - Morristown Airport exercise

October 2004 - Water rescue training

September 2004 -  Morris County Regional decontamination exercise. Click on the picture below for more details.

Click here for more info.

August 2004 - Bergen County Academy mask confidence training

April 2004 - Vacant house drill

January 2004 - Ventilation and search drill

Endurance skills drill. Each member dons protective gear, an air pack and mask, then traverses an obstacle course, climbs a ladder and connects several lengths of hose, all while being timed.

Electric safety demonstration

Rope Rescue drills

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